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How can I sell tours and how does it all work?

Fortunately, selling tours is very simple. First, to sell tours, you must be a Plus, Pro, or Premier member. When you're viewing one of your tours from within your account, just hover your mouse pointer over "Tour Options" and click "Edit Tour Settings". Then just check "Sell this tour" and enter your price. Once you do that, your tours are available for sale through PayPal or a credit card from wherever your tours are viewable. So that you can receive your tour sales commissions, hover your mouse pointer over "Premium Features" and then click "Tour Sales" so that you can enter your PayPal email address. You'll receive your tour sales commissions once per month. As a Plus, Pro, or Premier member, you will receive 70%, 60%, or 50% of the sale price, respectively. We handle all the payment processing on our pages, so that makes it easy for you.


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