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Why would I want to use GeoTours Premier?

GeoTours Premier offers you a set of features that allow you to utilize GPS tours to market your destination. If you're trying to drive people to your business/destination, try using the latest in technology to do it!

Using GeoTours Premier, you can create GPS tours that can then be displayed on your web site where users can view or download them.

Here are some possible uses of GPS tours on your web site:

1. Provide driving directions to your location.
2. Self-guided tours including audio and images to/around your location.
3. Create tour locations with coupons in the description field which the user can use when showing their GPS device at your location.
4. Real Estate Agents - create tours including media information about homes for sale in your area.
5. Convention & Visitors Bureaus - use GPS tours to showcase all that your community has to offer!


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