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What is a GeoTour?

A GeoTour, or GPS tour guide, is a group of geographic locations with optional multimedia (text, audio, photo, and video) assigned to each of these points of interest (POI). Interactive GeoTours can be displayed around the web and downloaded to GPS devices. Using a GPS-enabled device such as a smartphone or Garmin unit, a GeoTourist can be routed to each POI and automatically presented with the text, audio, and photo for that POI.

Below you will see a sample GeoTour, displayed as a Tour Widget. Some of the key features of a GeoTour are noted.

Sample GeoTour on Garmin Nuvi

Sample GeoTour on Garmin Nuvi

How does a GeoTour work on a GPS device?

The GPS device displays an icon for each POI on the map and also provides the option to see a list of the POIs.  The GeoTourist can choose which POI to travel to, and the GPS device will guide the GeoTourist to the location of that POI.  When the GeoTourist travels into a predefined radius (which is set by the creator of the GeoTour) of the POI, the GPS signal will automatically activate the audio for that POI to start playing.  At the same time, the name of that POI along with its text description and image will be displayed on the screen.

Sample GeoTour on Garmin Nuvi

Sample GeoTour shown on Garmin nuvi 350