Tour Builder


Tour Builder is our online web application that allows you to create your tours with easy to use forms where you can enter or import your tour content. Choose your location points with the Google Map interface or select using an address or longitude and latitude coordinates. Our Tour Builder allows you to continuously edit, redesign or delete your tour at anytime. We also give you full content control so you can turn features on and off depending on how you want people to experience you tour.


Facebook App


We have taken GeoTours to one of the most popular social networks in the Web 2.0 universe. Now you can share you tours with your Facebook network using our Facebook Application to link to your tours hosted on Geovative. Your fans can download the tours straight from Facebook where they can rank the tour and post a comment.


GeoTours Xchange


We have created an easy to use search tool on our website to allow our site traffic to search, view, and download all of our members GeoTours. Visitors can rank the tours and leave comments, but most importantly they can download your tours for free or for the price you place on them. This is free traffic we generate to give your GeoTours worldwide exposure. You can choose not to be listed in GeoTours Xchange, but why give up free traffic.


Custom Tours


We just installed a new feature that is fast becoming a favorite for many consumers of GeoTours. Fans can now select points from a variety of your tours to create their own unique tour. When they download the tour you will make money off the sale of the location points selected from your tours. Make your location points interesting and people will add them to their custom downloads.


Sell Your Tours


Create a new revenue stream for your web site by offering your tours for sale to your site visitors. As a GeoTours member, you will be able to choose which tours you want to sell. And better yet, you set the price! (minimum $1.99) Any site visitor can view all the information you have allowed (locations, images, audio, etc.) on your tour page or widget, but they must purchase the tour before they are able to download it and see any hidden content you have hidden from webview.


Payments are made to Geovative Solutions using PayPal. Every month, we'll send you a payment containing your revenue from the prior month’s sales less our payment processing and hosting fee.


Tour Reporting


With our new Tour Reporting tools, you'll feel in control of your tours. Reports include number of tour views, number of downloads, historical downloads per day and month, download types, and more! Each graph is created in Flash, so it's dynamic and always shows up-to-date information. And, it's animated!




Tour Widgets


Tour Widgets are small versions of your tours that you can place on any web page to allow visitors to view and download the tours directly on your webpage or blog. Includes a wizard that allows you to select which components of the tour you want displayed, the widget's size, map type, and more. See an example




A Mini-Site is your very own personalized web site from The main page shows all of your tours. You can also create up to five additional pages with content that you choose. See an example


No Advertising


No more pesky Google Ads on your tour pages. You'll be able to show your tours on a cleaner, ad-free version of your tour page using your Micro-Site and Tour Widgets.


Custom Branding


Want to make your Mini-Site, Tour Widget, or Tour Page look like your existing web page? Tired of the Geovative color scheme? Personalized Branding is for you!


Personalized Branding lets you "brand" all of your GeoTours pages in your own look-and-feel. You can set the color of up to 11 different components, upload your own header image (for your Micro-Site), and add footer content. Using this feature will allow you to truly be in control of the way your tour looks to your users and will allow you to easily integrate tours into your existing web site or blog.


Creative Services


Our Creative Services team can help you integrate GeoTours into your website and provide design and development services to enhance the delivery of your GeoTours to your customers. We can help you develop  marketing and advertising around your GeoTours as well as design services for graphics and logos. We offer content services for text, audio, video and photography. And, we can even create a private label version of our entire website. Go to our GeoTours Creative Services page to see what we can do for you and contact us for a free consultation.


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