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What is it?

GeoTour empowers you to easily create media-rich geocoded groups of locations (which we call GeoTours) that can contain audio, images, and text. You can view, share, and sell these GPS-enabled tours on the web and download them to a variety of mobile devices, including Garmin and TomTom GPS units, smartphones, PDAs, iPods, and MP3 players, as well as in other formats, for use as a personal electronic tour guide to actively explore the world.

Why should I use it?

By utililizing GPS-based tourism, the lastest technology in destination marketing, you will be able to market to a new segment of tech-savvy tourists. Using GPS tours, a tourist can literally be taken right to your doorstep. This new technology will put you a step above your competition by providing you with a new avenue to market your destination.

GeoTour Features Overview

How do I create a GeoTour?

It's simple! Using our web-based GeoTour editor, you can add locations to each tour by entering the location's address, specifying latitude and longitude coordinates, or by choosing the location on a map. For each location, you can add any combination of audio, image, video or text descriptions using media files that you've uploaded to your GeoTour media storage. If you have lots of locations, you can also upload files containing the location information or use our nifty API.

Then what?

Once you've created your GeoTour, the first step is promoting it. You can promote it numerous ways including embedding it in your web site using a Tour Widget, using your custom Micro-Site, using our Facebook app, through our online GeoTour respository (GeoTour Xchange), or by linking to it from other social networking sites. If you'd like, you can also earn some cash by selling your tour--we'll take care of all the payment and fulfillment details.

Which devices are supported?

When one of your visitors view your GeoTour, they can download it to a supported device or application. GeoTours can be downloaded to a multitude of supported devices such as Garmin and TomTom GPS devices, Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs running GeoTour for Windows Mobile, smartphones, business mobile phones, Google Earth, iPods and many others. For a full list of supported devices, click here.

How do I get started?

GeoTour is completely FREE to try. See plans and pricing.