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GeoTour for Windows Mobile



GeoTour for Windows Mobile turns your Windows Mobile Smartphone or PDA into a personal digital tour guide. The software allows you to load tours created with GeoTour into your mobile device and displays the associated media (audio, image, or text) when you reach each tour location. While taking your tour, all locations will be displayed along with distance and direction. Tours can be previewed without a GPS receiver, but a GPS receiver is required for tracking and location triggers.

Cost: Free

Download: CAB File or Windows Desktop Installer (msi)


  • Displays audio, image, and text information at specified geographic locations
  • Reads tours created with GeoTour and standard GPX files
  • Ability to preview each tour location which lets you see and hear audio media for a tour location without being there!
  • Ability to remove tour locations from a tour that you don't want to visit
  • Plays audio alerts for locations without associated audio
  • Prevents device from going into standby during a tour
  • Displays general tour information such as author name, tour type, and number of locations
  • Displays relative direction and distance to each tour location
  • Displays GPS information including latitude, longitude, heading, speed, and number of satellites
  • Displays map showing tour locations, your current location, and your tracklogNEW
  • Automatically loads last good tour when opening program
  • Ability to specifiy units, location proximity, media directory, GPS connectivity settings, and other tour options
  • Program layout adapts to various screen sizes (great for Smartphones!)
  • Next menu lets you cycle through program screens with one push of a button
  • Store and select from multiple tours
  • GeoTour Xchange makes it simple to create, share, and download your own tours

Supported Devices

Any compatible Smartphone or PDA with a GPS receiver*

* Note that a GPS receiver is not needed to preview tour locations in GeoTour for Windows Mobile.

Recommended Device

The HP iPaq 6945 Smart Phone comes equipped with an integrated GPS receiver and Windows Mobile 5.0. This devices makes it easy to take GeoTour for Windows Mobile on the road and simplifies your life by allowing you to use one device for your phone AND GPS system! To learn more about the HP iPaq 6945 or to purchase one, click here.



  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, or 6.5
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (download here)


  • PDA/Smartphone: Touch screen is required
  • GPS Receiver: Integrated or attached* via Bluetooth or Serial Port

* Attached GPS receivers must communicate with the device through NMEA sentences.

More Information

For a detailed review of GeoTour for Windows Mobile by Travel By GPS, click here.


Main screen which displays the loaded tour and other tour information. After clicking Start Tour, GeoTour for Windows Mobile connects to your GPS receiver and displays the distance and direction to each tour location.
When you reach a tour location, the associated media (audio, image, and text) is displayed and the audio starts to play automatically. If there is a text description for the tour location, it can be viewed by clicking the more button.
You can choose your units, location radius (proximity), media directory, if you want the device to prevent going into standby during a tour, if you'd like an audio alert to be played upon arriving at a non-audio tour location, and your GPS receiver settings. During a tour, you can view your GPS information on the GPS screen.


User Manual

Release Notes