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Yellowstone National Park
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Location Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming # Locations 37
Media Audio, Text, & Pictures Tour Type Driving Category National Park
Tags Wyoming, Montana, hiking, Old Faithful, Mammoth, Hot Springs, Canyon Village, Grant Village, Cody, Idaho, Teton, Jackson Hole, Artist Paint Pots, Fairy Falls, Mary Lake, Monument Geyser, Mystic Falls, Yellowstone, National Park, Sightseeing
Description Yellowstone is the world's display case for geothermal wonders. Visitors come from all over to see the thousands of hot springs and geysers. The points of interest along the drive are described here and listed in sequence as you begin the drive from Madison Junction. Download the tour to your GPS. Then as you drive, your GPS will indicate your approach to each point of interest. More info here:
Created By My Community Maps on 6/19/2009
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Madison Junction
Welcome to Yellowstone National Park, America's first National Park. Begin your tour...(more)

Gibbon Fall
You are approaching Gibbon Falls where the Gibbon River falls into what remains of th...(more)

Monument Geyser
You are approaching the trailhead to Monument Geyser. The hike is strenuous and the ...(more)

Artist Paint Pots
You are approaching the trail to Artist Paint Pots and other trails leading out to Gi...(more)

Norris Geyser Basin
You are approaching Norris Geyser Basin. Visit the Information Station and then enjo...(more)

Virginia Cascade
Ahead is Virginia Cascade Drive where you may opt to visit the falls. Turn right on ...(more)

Canyon Junction
You are approaching Canyon Junction. At this point, you may choose to drive the Nort...(more)

Yellowstone Canyon
You are approaching North Rim Drive. North Rim Drive is one-way only. Turn on North...(more)

Artist Point Road
You are approaching the road to Artist Point. Artist Point may be visited by taking a...(more)

Hayden Valley
You are entering Hayden Valley. Hayden valley is typically teeming with wildlife. He...(more)

Mud Volcano
You are entering an area with a high concentration of geological features. Several fe...(more)

Fishing Bridge
You are approaching the Fishing Bridge and Lake Village areas. All services are avai...(more)

Bridge Bay
Ready for a bike ride? After crossing the bridge at Bridge Bay, a one-mile bike trail...(more)

West Thumb
You are approaching West Thumb. Services available at West Thumb include an Informat...(more)

Continental Divide
You are about to cross the Continental Divide. Water on the east side of the divide ...(more)

Old Faithful
You are approaching the centerpiece of Yellowstone National Park - the village surrou...(more)

Biscuit Basin
You are approaching Biscuit Basin. An easy one-mile loop on boardwalk to see several...(more)

Black Sand Basin
You are approaching Black Sand Basin. Black Sand Basin is named for the fine black s...(more)

Midway Geyser Basin
You are approaching Midway Geyser Basin and the trailhead to Fairy Falls. The trail t...(more)

Firehole Lake Drive
Ahead, turn right on Firehole Lake Drive. Firehole Lake Drive is a one-way, three-mi...(more)

Fountain Paint Pots
You are approaching the intersection with Grand Loop Road. Rejoin Grand Loop Road, tu...(more)

Firehole Canyon
You are approaching the entrance to Firehole Canyon. If you have not been through Fir...(more)

Firehole River
Here at the mouth of the Firehole river is one of the few places where swimming is al...(more)

Firehole Falls
You are approaching Firehole Falls. Early explorers of this region referred to geolo...(more)

Firehole Canyon Road
You are approaching the exit of Firehole Canyon. Firehole Canyon Road is one-way hea...(more)

Tower Junction
You are approaching Tower Junction and the Roosevelt Lodge area. All services are ava...(more)

Obsidian Cliffs
You are approaching the junction with a minor road to Obsidian Creek. One quarter mil...(more)

Golden Gate
You are approaching the "Golden Gate". This narrow passage through Glen Creek Canyon ...(more)

Lower Terrraces
Stop ahead to visit the thermal features of Mammoth Hot Springs. Boardwalks enable cl...(more)

Dunraven Pass
You are approaching Dunraven Pass. If you are up for a strenuous a hike, park at Dun...(more)

Chittenden Road
You are approaching the junction with Chittenden Road. Chittenden Road provides hiki...(more)

Tower Fall
You are approaching the Tower Fall area. Food and convenience items are available at...(more)

Petrified Tree
Ahead, the road to the left goes to the Petrified Tree exhibit, where you will find a...(more)

Blacktail Plateau Drive
Your are approaching the junction with Blacktail Plateau Drive. If you have a high-c...(more)

Undine Falls
You are approaching Undine Falls. Pull-out ahead for a short hike to Undine Falls, w...(more)

Mammoth Hot Springs
You are approaching Mammoth Hot Springs. All services are available, including the p...(more)

Upper Terraces
You are approaching Terrace Drive. Many of the area's more recently developed spring...(more)