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HolyLand: Israel and Palestine
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Location Israel Palestine # Locations 21
Media Pictures & Text Descriptions Tour Type Driving Category Historical Places
Tags GPS Maps, Garmin Israel driving, Jerusalem, City Guide, Israel, Holy Land, Palestine, zion, International Terrain, hiking, Navigator Israel, BeerSheba, Eilat, Kineret, Hermon, Haifa, Arad, Galilee, Nativity, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Yardent, Cana, Capernaum, Corazim, Tabor, Bethany, El-Azariah, Jericho, Jerusalem, Antonia, Sepulchre, Monestary, synagogue, Zippori, Kana, Arbel, Tabgha, Capernaum, Beatitudes, Tiberias, Jordan, Tabor, Precipice, footsteps of Jesus
Description See the Holy land on your budget and on your schedule. Many pilgrims see Israel by bus with a tour group, paying too much to see too little. This GeoTour provides location information for a 3-day (minimum, not counting travel days) itinerary, covering religious sites and historical places significant to the Christian faith. For longer itineraries, see: for pre-loaded SD-cards and customized GPS units.
Created By My Community Maps on 10/7/2010
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Ben Gurion Airport
Day 0 - This is the car rental location at the airport with shuttle service to/from t...(more)

Old Port City of Jaffa
Day 1, Site 1 - Fight off your jet lag and get an early start to Day 1 of this tour. ...(more)

Caesarea National Park
Day 1, Site 2 - Driving from Jaffa to Caesarea National Park will take less than one ...(more)

Roman Aqueduct
Day 1, Site 3 - Just a short drive from the National Park, see the remains of the Rom...(more)

Mount Carmel
Day 1, Site 4 - Elijah's statue stands atop Mount Carmel as a tribute to the victory ...(more)

Tel Megiddo
Day 1, Site 5 - At a strategic location, overlooking Armageddon - the international b...(more)

Day 1, Site 6 - This view of Nazareth is from the western ridge at the Saint Gabriel ...(more)

Day 2, Site 1 - Today you will tour Galilee. You may opt to start here, end here, or...(more)

Jesus Boat
Day 2, Site 2 - The Yigal Allon Museum is a contemporary structure with all amenities...(more)

The Beatitude Monastery
Day 2, Site 3 - This monastery atop a high hill at the north end of the lake claims t...(more)

Church of the Loaves and Fishes
Day 2, Site 4 - This modern Catholic church claims to be the location where Jesus mir...(more)

Day 2, Site 5 - You will want to spend some time here in Capernaum, exploring the rui...(more)

Saint Peter's Fish Restaurant
Day 2, Site 6 - You've seen a lot today and it is time for dinner. Enjoy the Saint P...(more)

Mount of Olives
Day 3, Site 1 - On his triumphant entry, when he saw the city from the Mount of Olive...(more)

Western Wailing Wall
Day 3, Site 2 - In actuality, it is not the western wall of King David's Temple, it i...(more)

Temple Marketplace
Day 3, Site 3 - From the Western Wall, head into the Old City on El Wad Ha-Gai, where...(more)

Upper Room
Day 3, Site 4 - After several days of shaking things up in Jerusalem, Jesus had attra...(more)

Via Dolorosa
Day 3, Site 5 - Between Stations II and III you will find what appears to be the cham...(more)

Golgotha and the Garden Tomb
Day 3, Site 6 - Important: The Garden Tomb area includes Golgotha. Best to experienc...(more)

National Museum of Israel
Day 3, Site 7 - See the model of the old city and the shrine of the book.

Day 3, Site 8 - The road to Emmaus parallels your return to the airport. Visit the r...(more)