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Garmin Communicator

Garmin recently introduced a new feature that allows data to be transferred to/from compatible Garmin GPS devices. This new feature, dubbed the Garmin Communicator, is a browser plugin that must be installed on your computer. Once installed, it allows you to connect your GPS device to a web site that supports Garmin Communicator. The plugin is provided for free from Garmin.

GeoTour allows you to transfer waypoints from your Garmin device when creating a tour and also to download any tour in the Garmin TourGuide format directly to your GPS device. For more information on using Garmin Communicator with GeoTour, read these blog posts: post #1, post #2.

Compatible Devices

Garmin Communicator is compatible with most Garmin GPS devices that can be connected to your PC via a USB cable. A Mac version of Garmin Communicator is in the works.

Recommended Device

The Garmin nüvi 350 is an extremely user-friendly device. It allows you to easily import and travel to TourGuide POIs and provides full support for the TourGuide format and Garmin Communicator. To learn more about the nüvi 350 or to purchase one, click here.

Software Requirements

Garmin Communicator Plugin

You must download and install the Garmin Communicator Plugin before using it with GeoTour.

Download here

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